Air Swimmers eXtreme from Animal Planet

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Toys seem to be getting more and more awesome every year, so much so that adults want to join in the action. There are some toys in Toys R Us this year that will earn a lot of delight and laughter, from anyone who uses them! Topping the list this year is the Air Swimmers eXtreme from Animal Planet. You need to actually see this toy in action to witness how unbelievable it is! It operates veryfluidly; you’ll think you’re in the middle of the fish tank or in the ocean.

You can get the Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark or the Remote Control Flying Clownfish. Both toys are greatly in demand right now and are ideal for fun for the entire family.

It changes direction; up or down or an entire 360 degrees! The nylon the toy is made from is strong and long lasting; it can even hit walls without damage. This toy is a huge hit at office gatherings, family reunions, and birthday parties and of course as a Christmas gift.

Once the Air Swimmers eXtreme from Animal Planet is filled with helium it’s ready to show you what it can do. This cool toy is weight balanced, so it won’t rise up too high or fall too low. It is simply amazing and is so easy to use, providing you with hours of entertainment and fun!

This toy works thanks to infrared technology. To operate it, you have to aim the light the controller directly onto the receiving pod (the fish or the shark). When you want the air swimmer to move you use the tail button. When you activate it, the tail moves back and forth from left to right as it propels forward. You can go fast or slow depending on how you control the tail button. When you want the Air Swimmers eXtreme from Animal Planet to turn, you simply push the tail button the desired direction. Whenever you want the fish or shark to change altitude, you move the button to make it climb. When you want to lower the Air Swimmer, you use the dive button.

You and your children will be delighted and amazed at the antics of this toy. The Clownfish Air Swimmer is 57 inches in length and 36 inches in height as is the shark.

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